Shortpost 1- guns

I wrote this thought in my church journal. It has no specific bearing on any church. It was just something that came to me.

Christians shouldn’t want guns. If we say we place our trust in God, why do we need weapons?

It has been on my mind that Christians arguing for guns as defense against humans seems backwards. Jesus was all about peace. Jesus said if someone slaps you, let them slap you a second time on the other cheek. He didn’t say retaliate, he didn’t even say defend yourself. Jesus told us to trust God. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Webster shooting

It hasn’t been all that long since the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. But just this morning another shooting has occurred basically in my husband’s hometown. One of our friends is in the hospital.

Please pray if you think it will help. And please push for better gun control laws if you know how. Good intents and good action are both needed. I think Jesus would approve of fewer guns, no guns, no knives, no swords. The guy was pretty nonviolent as a rule. It’s been making me crazy that Christians agitate for guns as if they forgot Jesus entirely. He told Peter to put away his sword the night they were coming to kill him. That’s like the epitome of nonviolent. People kill people but guns sure are doing a great job helping them. I wish I had some great plan or catchy rallying cry to fix this. I don’t. I’m incredibly sad for our extended friend-circle and those touched by this. The only thing more I can think to write is this: How many more times do hearts have to break like this?