Next stop

This weekend I will be out of town doing something possibly blogworthy. Maybe I will post about it next week. Haven’t decided yet what my next stop after that will be. These last couple churches have several varieties of service and it’s derailing my plan a bit because now I’m not sure whether to revisit. Also, the 39 series is still really pulling me in and I wonder if I should take a Sunday or two and just do the 39 and go home after. It might be a nice break to do that. Especially if I have to work the Sunday afternoon. Well, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Tracy…just wanted to give you a heads up, I will be out of town this Sunday, May 6th, so there will not be a 39 Articles Lecture.

    hope you enjoyed your trip!

    In Christ

    Fr. Adam+

    1. Ok, thanks for telling me. That actually makes my Sunday a lot easier, since my next stop overlaps the usual 39 articles time slot. The trip was great, we saw The Book of Mormon on broadway. I guess I’ve settled on not blogging it here. I didn’t see it as being about Mormons or the book. They were just the setting for the story. Themes used were fairly broad, touching on stuff about people, society, and politics of organizations. I did find it overall a positive message, and it definitely made me think.

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