Future Project Ideas

So this week I seem to have some kind of low grade infection; I’m insanely tired and have low appetite. Consequently, my day off yesterday was just me vegging in front of the TV trying to be interested in food. I wound up seeing a series of programs on NatGeo (hip new name for National Geographic) which were about religion. Specifically about isolationist type groups like the Amish and Hasidic Jews. We have no Amish near us, but we have a group called the Bruderhof. I hear they allow visitors sometimes and I’d like to visit them for my project. At some point in the future it would also be good to get an Amish view and later, after an extensive spectrum of Christianity, I want to check out Albany’s variety of Judaism.
For this week’s post, I’ve done another St Stephen’s visit. It will be coming as soon as I can organize my notes and copy them into blog form.

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