Church #8, part 8

So I only managed to get in the 39 articles visit this week. I have to admit this week they felt strikingly uninteresting. 27 is about baptism, how it is symbolic new birth, and how it’s fine to do on infants. Further explanation elaborates that infant baptism grafts a child to the church so as to make it hard for them to leave. Where an adult can resist, a baby cannot. This seems odd to me because I thought God was about giving humans free will and letting them decide stuff for themselves. Do we really need to forcibly bond a baby to the church so they can’t escape? If God is good, babies will grow up and choose to love him for that reason.

The next article (28) reiterates a lot of what we heard last Sunday. It’s not called transubstantiation which converts the bread into Jesus’ body. It’s faith. And we don’t understand it. This article also prohibits adoring the communion wafer and carrying it in your pocket like a lucky charm. Not that I was gonna. I eat my lucky charms with milk. Next week I seriously need to get in another actual church service.

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