A birthday update (#12)

It’s my birthday week, and I thought I’d give a rundown of where the project is overall.

So you know my project takes me to various churches in the Albany area. In that same vein I had been thinking of learning a bit more about a group called the Bruderhof. They are a faith based group in the Anabaptist tradition who live together in various communities across the US and elsewhere. The biggest interesting thing about them is that they share money- they have a “common purse”. They have a website which explains some about their beliefs and lifestyle, but the very best way to learn more about them, their faith, and why they do what they do, is through a visit. That’s what I did. And it was a pretty nice way to spend a birthday. So check that off the list.

My summer is getting all packed with work and on-call and weddings and baptisms and vow renewals. I would like to try to post at the rate of once per week or more. Sometimes it will be twice in two weeks. At this time I have just one more scheduled visit to St Stephen’s for a talk. After that I can get in some more new churches. I am looking forward to a mass at St Michael’s. If you remember this was my first miss and should have been church #2. It pays to persevere I guess, since I finally just decided to show up on a Sunday when I saw some cars there. They start at 10am, I asked someone in the parking lot. I have heard their mass is in Latin so I’m excited to experience that at least once. And I’ll be getting to few new denominations including Presbyterian and Greek Orthodox.

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  1. Try White Couch Albany. Sunday evening meets downtown Albany. Non denomination, many people that go there to have regular Sunday morning “home” parishes they attend. Praise music (sometimes a bit loud), prayers, and a biblically based sermon. Young crowd mostly. Just a thought

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