For Fun

No church this week. We were away traveling. Thought I’d have some fun and tell you about two funny things you might not know about in the gospels.

1) They blame Shirley.
Mark recounts at the last supper the disciples are sitting around eating together and Jesus says to them “One of you who is eating with me will betray me.” They all look around at each other and say “Shirley! Not I!”

2) The naked man.
This one’s not a stretch, he really is in there. (I’m still in Mark) After Jesus is arrested and I being led away, it says he is followed by a young man wearing nothing but a linen cloth. They grab ahold of him but he gets away -minus the linen cloth. So he escapes naked.

Why was this included in the gospels? I have no idea. But now you have two pieces of quasi-trivia to share with your friends!

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