November Update

It’s been an annoying week and a half. The stomach problems I sometimes get are plaguing me again, and I’ve been trying to deal with working and eating food that doesn’t upset things . It’s hard not to become frustrated due to the fact that Thanksgiving is in less than a week and I’m not sure I can enjoy it.
So in terms of this blog, I’m wanting to slow down so I can catch up on life and enjoy the holidays a little bit. I still have a church repeat to write about. Also an opinion piece has been on my mind. For the end of the year I wanted to try a quick “year one tour” of my favorites church-wise. This project has been so many unexpecteds. I didn’t think I’d find as many connections as I’ve found. There are pastors I keep in touch with; churchgoers who now recognize me. There are churches out there open to gay ministers and lots of programs helping people in so many ways. I have been anticipated at several churches now as “the Tracey with the blog”. I am also trying to decide what to do on Christmas eve. I’d need to find a midnight mass or service if I chose any church that day; I’m working second shift. I suppose there are Christmas day services as well? I’ll post again as soon as I can work some of this out.

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