December is so not happening

So I missed church again through a combination of factors. I’m still trying keep my diet in line with not bothering my stomach. I’m feeling increasingly blue as the daylight dies. What I’d like to do is finish up the year with some more opinion pieces and thoughts. It seems less likely I will get to church regularly in December (or at all), so I’m scheduling my next new church for January. Feel free to jump in with comments on any post you’d like to discuss. I like that type of thing. Or just give a shoutout. I like that too.

For now here is some religious humor: We know that Noah got on the ark with his three sons; Shem Ham, and Japheth. Also included were their wives, who are not named in the bible. But we do know at least one of their names. What, you never heard of Joan- “of ark”?

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