Be Nicer to Atheists et cetra

I’ve been thinking for a while that Christians need to be waaaay nicer to the ‘out’ groups. What I mean is, stop being hurtful, pushy, mean, and condescending to anyone you believe is living a sinful life. It isn’t our place to judge people, God is going to figure all that out in the end. If someone is sinful and unbelieving enough to be sent to hell, I say that’s the best argument of all for being nice to them. What on earth would possess you to be mean or hurtful to someone you think is going to burn for eternity? If you really think that’s where they are bound for, this life is the best it’s ever going to be for them. Go and buy them cake and ice cream! Do it now! Throw them a party! Buy them gifts! But don’t ever be mean to them. If you are right about them, they are going to get nothing but mean in the afterlife. And if you are wrong about them, and they are going to make it into heaven- you’re going to see them later so don’t you think you’d better be nice to them? In fact, just be nice to everyone. Yeah, that’s right. And you know what? Since now it doesn’t matter whether they are going to hell or not, you can also stop judging them. There, I fixed it!

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