On being part of a group

I’ve been wondering recently about the impact it has when one joins a group. So if I decide to attend RandomAnyChurch regularly, what happens?
As a member of the group, I become RandomAnyChurch. I will listen to what they say and observe what they do. I will behave they way they behave because I want to fit in. I will see many things the way they see them and say similar things to what they say. I am RandomAnyChurch.
At the same time, RandomAnyChurch becomes me. I am now in the group and I contribute. Their makeup and structure changes to reflect my additions. They do new things that were old things I did. They adopt some of my idiosyncrasies. RandomAnyChurch is me.

Some of what I’m doing in my travels is looking for the churches that have philosophies that appeal to me, and programs that are wonderful. But some of what we need to consider is the changes we bring to the group as we join it. Everywhere I go, I make something happen. Minor, major, gigantic, or imperceptible- it does something. This applies to everyone looking for a group of any kind. And I think openness to change is an important quality I really need to start paying attention to. Because when we join a group we become the group and the group becomes us.

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