Church #44, St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Date: 9/3/13

Church name/type:St Paul’s Church, Episcopal

Pastor: just for today it was Father Leslie Hughs

Style of worship: Formal with some chanted elements

Overall Impression: Seems just fine!

I had a little trouble figuring out the entrance. This is one of those buildings where the sanctuary isn’t obvious and there are hallways leading to other rooms near it. I went into the sanctuary and got a little treat listening to choir practice. They were very nice, a capella, sounding angelic in the echoey space. The space itself was tall with white angular pillars against muted gray stone. It had a nice clean, almost Fortress of Solitude vibe. The organ and choir area were veiled by a wall of bronze spiderweb depicting a cross with sunlight pouring both from it and onto it.

Service went about how I expected, although slightly more formal than I realized. A man I met afterwards said he was almost put off by the ‘high church’ aspect of it all, until coffee hour when he really got to know some friendly people. I wasn’t fooled by the discrepancy. There are some churches that maintain a high formality level inside the sanctuary and then flip to an easy-going chatty bunch over coffee. This week was like that. I felt very much among peers at this place. At the coffee hour, at least six people began conversations with me out of the blue. I really love it when church membership is on the ball about greeting newcomers. Overall it was a pretty nice church and among my favorites.

Anything else?: I wish I’d spoken with long-haired guy. He made me so happy because he looked super comfortable. I like churches that seem good with members showing their own style rather than just “standard church look”. And being comfortable and being who you are are things more churches should endorse.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog, Tracey. You always post some interesting comments with very original perspectives. You should come and see us again – we’ve changed a bit; new people, new music ….. Nov. 17 would be ideal – a Bishop will be with us, and that’s always unpredictable!! Was Fr. Hughes just visiting?

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