Christmas Eve Services

So I scoured my visited churches (those with webpages) for Christmas Eve services or Midnight masses. I found a handful of listings for very late services and want to record them here. Next year I can use this list as a go-to instead of searching my entire list over again.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Midnight mass
I have it from someone at St Francis that the Cathedral is the only Catholic midnight mass around Albany.

Cathedral of All Saints (Episcopal)

Delmar Presbyterian Church

I’m kind of upset with local Presby right now. Doing a web search turns up a website that appears to be theirs advertising an 11pm service. We tried to go last night and found it ending, having started at 10pm. So that’s either an old website or a current website that hasn’t been updated. Either way it’s bad and especially disappointing since I mentioned a broken website to them last time I visited.

Delmar Reformed Church
Confirmed! This is the church we eventually went to.

First Church in Albany (Reformed)

St Vincent de Paul (Catholic)

St Andrew’s (Episcopal)

First United Methodist in Delmar

St Peter’s Episcopal

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